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Video Production

Video Production
Video Production

Video offers one of the best methods of communication available within B2B marketing, whether you are speaking to your customers, the media, investors or internal staff. Via video, you can motivate and persuade your audience, and can dazzle them with not only what your company and products are currently doing, but also can show them what is soon to come.

Video enables NIA Creative to combine captured footage, animation, photo montage, professional voice over and music to tell your unique story in a new and exciting way. We have access to both on-camera and voice over talent, and our Creative Director has extensive experience in writing, directing, shooting and editing, enabling us to offer full-scale video production in-house rather than contracting out to an external production studio as so many other agencies do.

Crew, Equipment & Facilities

  • Experienced in-house camera crew, HD camera packages, light, grip and audio equipment
  • In-house sound stage that can accommodate most studio shooting needs, including seamless white, green for chroma key and custom set design & construction
  • On-location video production services - we can send our in-house crew, as well as hire local crew where needed
  • Full-service post-production services utilizing our Final Cut video editing suites, as well as AfterEffects, 3D Studio Max and other motion graphics packages to create professional animation sequences and effects

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