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Tradeshows & Events
Tradeshows & Events
Tradeshows & Events

When companies plan an event, they spend a great deal of time and money on the facilities, audio-visual equipment, exhibit graphics and printed collateral, etc. For a tradeshow presence, the cost of the booth space alone can be exhorbitant, especially for a larger booth. But the most overlooked, yet ironically the most critical aspect of any event is the presentation that happens at that event - what you communicate is the key, as your communication will drive understanding, marketshare and revenue.

Whether you are hosting an internal event to motivate and educate your salesforce or are planning your next tradeshow presence, what you communicate and how you communicate it will be the legacy you leave after the event. In particular, a tradeshow presence is going to be much more effective if you have prepared an exciting, fun and motivating presentation. We've all seen large footprint booths that have minimal traffic - resulting in minimal qualified leads, and poor ROI for the event.

Tradeshow Presentations

NIA Creative offers booth presentations that are thematic, and often feature a live actor/spokesperson to engage the audience. You'll find talented crowd-gatherers whose sole responsibility is to drive traffic to the booth before each presentation. During the presentation itself, the live spokesperson interacts with digital media presented on a plasma screen or video wall, and whenever possible, the presentation is scripted with humor to ensure that the audience will stay throughout the show. If you are looking for a show-stopping experience that delivers unparalleled brand equity, traffic and qualified leads, contact us so that we can discuss and share our vision for your next event.

Customer Events / User Conferences

NIA Creative can develop themed media to support all aspects of your event, including an exciting presentation to launch the event, animated bumpers for keynotes and breakout sessions, coordinated professional presentations for speakers using either PowerPoint or Keynote, live on-site event services and support and more. We also can source and organize live entertainment to engage and surprise your audience.

Internal Events / Sales Meetings

Internal events need to be both informative and fun - and no one does fun better than NIA Creative. We specialize in creating presentations that engage, inspire and entertain. We can custom create media for use in live interactive game show experiences, parodies of popular television shows and feature films, etc. If you've got an idea, we can bring it to life. And if you are looking for an idea, we will work with you to develop several concepts that not only serve to educate and entertain, but also motivate your audience to hit the ground running when they return to work.

Live Event Services

In addition to developing and producing event media prior to an event, NIA Creative also can provide on-site media production services as well as A/V support. We have a portable editing suite as well as a camera crew that has a great deal of experience shooting keynotes and breakout sessions, and then either providing live streaming services or editing the footage post-event for future use. Our team can also shoot customer testimonials during your event, enabling you to capture valuable feedback that can then be a focal point of upcoming B2B marketing initiatives.

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