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Social Media

Social media marketing has grown to become one of the most critical elements of a company’s customer-focused B2B marketing strategy. The social media platform is exciting for businesses because:

  • Social media sites and activities are easily accessible to anyone with internet access
  • Individuals and businesses can create their profiles for free
  • Social media sites encourage interaction between companies and their customers and prospects as well as peer-to-peer interactions. This leads to word-of-mouth marketing, resulting in earned media rather than paid media.
  • Due to the pervasive inter-connections and plethora of “status updates”, video and photo sharing etc that comprises the social media platform, users return again and again to their profiles and the profiles of those they like / follow.
  • Social media marketing is less expensive than many other marketing tactics, enabling businesses to conserve dollars while developing a strong following among prospects and customers.

Bottom line:

There is simply no other marketing tactic available today that can garner businesses the kind of constant attention, interaction and feedback that can be generated via social media marketing.

Vigilant Reputation Management

That said, sometimes social media marketing can have unexpected and unintended results –because just as positive PR can spread quickly via social channels, negative feedback and/or complaints can too…And usually much faster than positive commentary. The solution? Take charge of your online reputation:

  • Be proactive in monitoring what is being said online about your company and its products
  • Respond to comments and feedback promptly
  • Ensure you are driving positive, fresh content on a continual basis, and encourage your fans/followers to share your content – this will help to balance out any negative comments posted by others.

Fresh Content

Some companies manage their social sites internally, while others contract with a social media, PR or marketing agency to dedicate greater resources to their social media strategy. Either way, most companies work with an agency to assist them in developing and pushing content to ensure that their social channels offer ever-changing interesting, relevant and buzz-worthy material – and this is where NIA Creative can really help.

Consider working with us to leverage your marketing dollars across multiple strategies and tactics by developing marketing materials that can be utilized across several platforms including social media:

  • Brand or product marketing videos
  • Interactive product demos
  • Product photography
  • Electronic versions of your printed brochures, datasheets, media kit etc
  • Links to e-blasts that have been sent to your recipient list

We can also develop material that specifically targets your social channels:

  • Custom-branded channels for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.
  • Promotional videos that have the potential to “go viral”
  • Infographics that would be of interest to your customers and prospects
  • Social media campaign with links to custom-designed landing pages so that you can track ROI
  • Articles & blog posts about your products and services and/or industry news
  • Teaser videos and/or graphics about upcoming product announcements

And finally, we can administer your social sites with routine updates and announcements/links to press releases etc so that your internal team can focus on other key initiatives and programs.

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