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Product Photography

One of the most important steps in launching a product is ensuring that you have outstanding photography. Product photos are essential to all your near-term B2B and B2C marketing initiatives, as well as long-term marketing for the life of the product. Too often, we discover that product photography has been rushed and/or that only one or two “hero images” are available for marketing use.

NIA Creative offers outstanding product photography services, either in our own sound stage, or on-site at a location of your choosing. We work with you to ensure that we choose the right equipment for the job – whether we need to shoot something very small with a macro lens, or shoot a large product that will need to be printed life-sized for a tradeshow panel.

Executive Portraits

NIA has a great deal of experience shooting executive portraits. We enjoy working with our subjects to capture photos that truly resonate with the company and its corporate culture, as well as shooting fun/creative images that represent their personality, enabling you to select from a variety of styles depending on the medium, audience and message.

Creative / Commercial

Perhaps you’re looking for more “creative” photography to support a specific campaign or message. We can work with you on this as well, either developing the strategy and ideas with you, or executing on a campaign you’ve already got in mind. Just let us know what you would like to do, and we can suggest how best to accomplish it.

Crew, Equipment & Facilities

  • Experienced in-house camera crew and high-end camera packages, lighting and grip equipment
  • In-house 20x17 studio that can accommodate most photography needs, including table-top setup for small products, and seamless white background for larger products and/or portraits, as well as custom set design & construction as needed
  • On-location photography services - we can send our in-house crew, as well as hire local crew where needed
  • Full-service post-production services including photo-manipulation, retouching, cropping, cutting out background, compositing, etc.

Final Deliverables

  • All original raw photos will be supplied on CD or flash drive
  • All selected/retouched/composited images will be supplied on CD or flash drive

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