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Over 1 billion people access the mobile web around the world – and many of them access the web from a mobile device almost exclusively, rarely using a desktop or laptop to access the Internet. In the US, 25% of mobile web users are mobile only.1

Similar to social media marketing, mobile marketing offers businesses compelling ways to reach-out and interact with customers and prospects, whether their business is within B2B or B2C – mobile is especially exciting because most mobile web users are in a state of near constant connection, fingertips at the ready to receive and respond to SMS (text) and MMS (multimedia) messages, real-time notifications sent from social sites, etc. Mobile web users thrive on this constant connection, and they enjoy utilizing the technology to its full potential. It is well-documented that mobile users often actively access the web to search for product information both prior to shopping in a store, as well as while shopping – they conduct on-the-fly product comparisons, look for product reviews and customer ratings, check pricing, search for coupon codes, etc. The opportunity to activate discounts and promotions is not only convenient, but enticing – mobile web users who have opted-in to receive promos and/or have specifically sought-out and found discounts online feel more compelled to make a buying decision, not only because they are taking advantage of a “good deal”, but also simply because they feel more empowered.

Mobile Websites

With mobile web usage growing at such a staggering rate, it is critical that your website be compatible with the major mobile browsers available on smartphones and tablets (Safari for iPhone and iPad, Chrome for Google Android devices, Internet Explorer for Windows mobile devices, Bolt browser for Blackberry devices). If your website has compatibility issues, then it is important to consider either updating your site by migrating to HTML5/CSS3 and/or to consider creating a mobile version of your website.

If you are uncertain how well your current site works with popular mobile browsers, NIA Creative can test your site and let you know how it measures up. In the event that issues are discovered, we can work with you on either updating your site or creating a mobile version.

SMS Messaging Campaigns

Over 90% of texts from SMS messaging campaigns are actually read, generating an average response rate of 15 to 30%.1

Why does SMS work?

  • Recipients have opted-in to receive notifications and promotions – so they are either already a customer, or are interested in becoming one. In other words, every recipient is already a qualified lead.
  • SMS messages prompt users to immediately view their messages via either a tone and/or vibration. Even if the recipient’s phone has been turned off, the message will be received the moment it is turned on again.
  • SMS messages can be sent at a time that is more likely to produce a result – for example, a company exhibiting at a tradeshow can send an SMS message shortly before a product announcement is being made, enticing attendees on the show floor to immediately visit the company’s booth to hear the news / see a product demo, etc.

If you are interested in SMS Messaging, NIA Creative can work with you to develop ideas and strategies that result in an integrated campaign leveraging both inbound and outbound marketing tactics including social media, SMS Messaging, e-mail marketing and more.

QR Codes

Quick Response (QR) Codes became popular initially in Asia and Europe, and have recently gained in popularity in the US. A QR Code is a 2D matrix barcode that is easily scanned by a barcode reader – conveniently, barcode reader mobiles apps are available for free, making it an attractive addition to the marketing arsenal. QR Codes can be added to print ads, outdoor ads, direct mail, exhibit graphics, commercials, websites and more. Smartphone users simply scan the code to receive additional information about the product or service being marketed, and/or their mobile browser will launch and bring them to a landing page that has been encoded into the barcode, and the landing page might have a lead capture form that the site visitor can then complete to obtain further information.

If you're interested in adding QR Codes to your marketing strategy, just let us know - they are easy to integrate into a campaign, and can assist in obtaining analytics that help to substantiate ROI in print materials - something that previously has been much tougher to evaluate as compared to web-based marketing intiatives.


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