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NIA Creative is probably best known for its experience and expertise with digital media within the B2B marketing space. Digital media encompasses a broad spectrum of both inbound (“pull”) and outbound (“push”) marketing, both of which are necessary to ensure your brand continues to grow in strength and influence. That said, current trends show that inbound marketing is gaining in importance.

Inbound Digital Media

Inbound digital media relies primarily on organic search to result in customers and prospects actively seeking out information about your company, products and services. In other words, companies are “earning” their access to a customer by developing digital marketing tactics that are specifically sought-out by their target audience.  As such, an increasing portion of your marketing budget is likely being allocated to development of relevant and compelling content to populate your corporate website, social media sites etc:

  • Streaming video (marketing videos, webinars, customer testimonials etc)
  • Interactive product demos that highlight key features and benefits
  • Development of infographics to illustrate and substantiate key messaging and statistical data
  • Product and/or corporate photography to enhance and enrich your content
  • Blog / vlog postings
  • Articles / white papers
  • Press releases
  • Podcasts

Ideally, once a customer or prospect locates your content online via your inbound marketing tactics, he/she will then opt-in to receive information on your products and services. This then enables you to engage them in your outbound digital media activities.

Outbound Digital Media

Outbound digital media marketing involves activation of planned communication with your subscribers, encompassing information and updates that would be of interest to them. Examples include:

  • E-mail marketing – newsletters, promotions, notification of upcoming events, etc.
  • SMS messaging – promotions/discounts sent via text message
  • RSS feeds from your blog and/or corporate website
  • Posts to your social media profiles so that your fans and followers receive the latest updates about your company, products and services, as well as press releases, links to articles/blog posts, videos etc etc.
  • Notifications to YouTube subscribers regarding new video uploads, etc.

Outbound tactics are more targeted and may result in better lead generation  in the long run; however, maintaining an active outbound marketing program requires a greater allocation of time and budget. And because outbound digital marketing relies heavily on users opting-in, inbound digital marketing is actually necessary to deliver outbound tactics. Finally, research shows that customers are growing more impatient, leaving websites due to irrelevant or intrusive advertising, skipping TV commercials, unsubscribing from emails they had previously opted in to receive… As a result, it is critical that marketers develop a strategy that incorporates both inbound and outbound digital media marketing.

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