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Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy

Branding is the character or personality of a company or product. It represents how people feel about your products. And these feelings are important, as customers invariably buy based on reputation rather than an objective evaluation of your product. So you’ll need to manage your reputation.

This is where we come in. NIA Creative has been involved in developing and implementing successful brands for over 20 years, and we’re good at it. We understand how branding and B2B marketing works, and know the benefits that can be derived from a strong and trusted brand:

  • Customers will pay more for a brand they recognize and like.
  • They are more likely to purchase a new product introduced under a strong and trusted brand name.
  • Brands are valuable in their own right, and will contribute to the valuation of a company and its share price.

Our unique brand strategy process is called the Epiphany Brand AuditTM. We begin by working with your key executives to assess existing attitudes and perceptions towards your brand. Then, together as a team, we work evolve a brand positioning statement and messaging platform that encapsulates what is credible and positive about your company and its products or services, and develop a report that discusses the results of the process, along with our recommendations for creative execution of the brand strategy. Upon approval, we then unleash our design team to develop marketing materials called for within the agreed-upon strategy. The entire process is very collaborative, resulting in a highly engaged executive team who then become leaders in the unveiling and rollout of the strategy to both internal and external customers.

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