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Clients always ask us what we do, and what we consider to be our specialty.

While this might seem to be a simple question, it's actually a difficult one for us to answer because we have experience in so many different areas of B2B marketing. So we decided to ask our clients how they would describe NIA Creative, and what they think we do. Here are the responses we received:

Broad-spectrum creative approaches that sear your brand into the minds of customers and prospects.

        Steve Leibson / Tensilica

Development of communications that are not only creative and memorable but are also proven to be very impactful, particularly with patient compliance and sales force motivation.

        Ray Hunt / Clarity Medical Systems

Creativity and responsiveness under deadline pressure. The highlight reel you did for our event is easily the best work I’ve seen, and it was literally produced in one night.

        David Markowitz / Zhone Technologies

Fantastic direction and execution of  video and training materials.

        Elizabeth Hutt / NuGEN Technologies

Design and production of interactive education tools. What you guys do, and do well, are the complex tools and that is a niche that very few agencies can fill.

        Nate Purpura / eHealth, Inc.

Talented all-around go-to agency working in a variety of media both online and offline.

        Eric Baxter / SellPoint

That all said, while we do offer a broad spectrum of capabilities, our "sweet spot" is digital media. Most of our clients find us first for these services, and then while working on projects with us, they quickly discover that we also offer traditional agency services as well. To find out more about our capabilities, browse the menu on the left, and of course checkout our work so that you can see the results for yourself.

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