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  • Jennifer Finetti

    Jennifer Finetti

    Managing Director

    Jennifer brings over 15 years experience in B2B marketing and media project management to NIA Creative, with a particular focus on healthcare and public sector organizations. As Managing Director, Jennifer is responsible for operations management of the agency including business management, human resources, business development & account management, proposal writing, scriptwriting and copy editing, budget development, project management and more.

  • Chris Finetti

    Chris Finetti

    Creative Director

    Chris brings over 15 years experience in B2B marketing, creative direction, video production, tradeshow/event production, interactive media development, print design and project management to NIA Creative, with extensive industry experience in telecommunications, pharma/biotech, high-tech manufacturing as well as in the education/non-profit arena.

  • Craig Finetti

    Craig Finetti

    Production Director

    Craig contributes over 15 years experience of technical and creative skill in operating film, video and still cameras for corporate marketing projects and live events, as well as for television and feature films. As Production Director for NIA Creative, Craig draws on his camera experience as well as his skills in post-production editing, A/V management, business development and project management to lead our production team through our most challenging projects.

  • Christian Overacker

    Christian Overacker

    Motion Graphics Art Director

    Christian offers over 8 years experience in motion graphics, interactive media, video production and print design as well as set, prop and costume design/construction. As Motion Graphics Art Director, Christian can handle virtually any project we throw at him. And if something needs to be built, he’s our man.

  • Yulia McCall

    Yulia McCall

    Sr. Media Designer

    Yulia brings over 10 years experience in motion graphics and design to NIA, focused primarily in consumer retail marketing. As Sr. Media Designer for NIA Creative, Yulia will develop and produce projects that utilize a diverse cross-section of her talents including animation, video production and interactive, web and print design.

  • JJ Mas

    JJ Mas

    Media Designer

    JJ brings a great deal of passion and technical skill to NIA Creative, focusing primarily on video production and web development. Though still a student, he has developed numerous personal projects to build his portfolio, as well as produced projects for several freelance clients as well. As you might expect, because he is our Production Intern, JJ takes on any assignment with gusto, whether that might be shooting or editing video, cutting out photos, painting our stage or researching emerging technologies that we can bring to our clients.

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